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“RT @LisaMarieMary: @DabneyPorte Yep, took my very. worst. picture. ever. and I hardly even care. And more importantly, I still love me anyway.”

“RT @KarinVolo: @DabneyPorte Great picture and #sassy is a great word to live by. Tweet when you have all 3! #SmGirlfriends”

“Hi Susan! RT @SusanDadamo: Wait I missed the picture. #KellyFile”

Twitter / DabneyPorte: #EndOfDayThought... As you ...

Twitter / DabneyPorte: #EndOfDayThought... As you ...

#EndOfDayThought... As you read the quote in the picture below, let you soul hear the meaning... Goodnight everyone!

“RT @lorisica: @Chickenfoup u HAVE to get in on this 2nite 9pm #beautytalk w @GiaBeautyTalk share your fav. throw back product cheer picture a MUST!!!”

“RT @nikkigwilliams: @lorisica @Co_Lexii thanks for snapping such a great picture ! #eastmeetswest #fashionminded #fabulous”

Twitter / DabneyPorte: Look at the little prince! ...

Twitter / DabneyPorte: Look at the little prince! ...

Look at the little prince! Does this picture make anyone else feel the need to have another baby? #SmGirlfriends

Twitter / DabneyPorte: Perfect picture for fans of ...

Twitter / DabneyPorte: Perfect picture for fans of ...

Perfect picture for fans of #TheFosters.

“RT @VickieMacFadden: @DabneyPorte OMG-- I can definitely picture dog trama! So, too bad you didn't do an instagram video! #ChicksGetItDone”

“I really should.. RT @VickieMacFadden: @DabneyPorte What, no pictures? :)Trying to get a visual on leaf blower vs central vac! You go girl!”

“Lets JUMP into that picture...right? RT @PastryGirl2: @DabneyPorte @Cheesecake OOOOOOO YYUUMMM!!!!”

“Thanks! Merry Christmas! RT @KristiDPrice: @DabneyPorte What a beautiful picture! #Christmas”

“A9a To add a picture to a tweet you hit the camera icon and load from what pics you have on phone/computer #SmManners”


A sent picture can be viewed from one second to 10 seconds.


“RT @TomekaNapper: @gracenote @BlogBloke @RobCairns @AngieLembo @DabneyPorte @lorisica Thank you for the picture. xoxo #WayneHurlbert He deserves it.”

“Yes. Of course! RT @TomekaNapper: @RobCairns @AngieLembo @DabneyPorte Did someone take a picture of #WayneHurlbert trending?”


45 minutes ~ Time to change your picture to YOUR fav shoes and join #SmGirlfriends in our Twitter #SlumberParty!

Go! Go! Go!”

“Hi! LOVE the new picture! RT @GIZEH75: Hello @DabneyPorte Have a pleasant Sunday Xoxoxo”

“RT @Djkingdarwin: @Support Any reason why I was reverted to an egg picture? or why I cant change my picture back to what it was?”

“RT @pbandjellybeans: "The avatar upload feature has been temporarily disabled. Users will not be able to upload new profile pictures at this time." why @support

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