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“RT @Cowgirl_D: @DabneyPorte @VerizonFiOS Question: I clicked on @VerizonFiOS and was wondering...will the man pictured be the one waking you up? Hmmm...”

“RT @ErikaElmuts: #ConfessionHour This is a good question....not sure what to confess... LOL #SMGirlfriends”

“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?' ~ Martin Luther King Jr #MLK”

“RT @MissHavisham8: A good mother would have made sure there were no questions about Dad. Boundaries would have been set. A GOOD mother does that. @Kateplusmy8

“Me 2! RT @LLiebermanWang: @JacqueGonzales I really love that question via #MLK Thanks for sharing w us in #SmGirlfriends Nice to "meet" you!”


RT @cendrinemedia: Q5: Who are the people who used #socialmedia in the best way this year? And why? #smmanners”


RT @cendrinemedia: Q4: What are the essential ingredients to succeed in social media? #smmanners”

“ Most searched for "How to" question on google in 2013....

How to tie a tie

I admit. I have googled this!”

“Let me know if you have a question for our guest! #SmGirlfriends”

“YES! We are @OWNTVFans RT @LynCKos: @JenEf8 @DabneyPorte ok, dumb question for you both... is #OWNers as in Oprah?”

“ It's time! Call in if YOU have a #TwitterVirgin question or experience you want to share!

347 – 826 – 9840


“RT @JenEf8: @DabneyPorte I personally use it very sparingly. Possibly even TOO sparingly - so great question for me #SMmanners”

“And remember… NO question is too silly or small. We were ALL #TwitterVirgins once! #SmManners”

“RT @lorisica: @DabneyPorte what exactly does a #twittervirgin wear to the party TONIGHT #smmanners 10pm Answers to all your twitter questions JOIN US”

“RT @veronicaprager: Ok, got it! RT @DabneyPorte: @veronicaprager Someone who can ASK the questions ALL #TwitterVirgins want to know!”

“ We all teach the world abt Twitter & how to BE present as a brand for questions.

Yet @Support the VERY acct of Twitter is not in the nest”

“Really? RT @JoshBenton82: I knew the "talking ass" question from an episode of "My Name is Earl" #thechaseusa”

“Smarty YOU! RT @BarbaraDuke: I knew all the answers to her questions. She is outclassed tonite. #thebeast #Thechaseusa #smgirlfriends”

“What did I miss? RT @HawkeyeBrim: @BrookeBurns I see what you did there with that biblical question. #clever #thechase”

“Awww BE fabulous YOU rock! RT @medevam: I wish I'd gotten a Bible question. Still bitter. #TheChaseUSA”

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