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“There she is! @ArevaMartin questions what really was happening w child and dad at that time of forgetting baby. #AC360”

“I just can't imagine having family on #MH370 The unanswered questions/story changes coupled w grief. Thinking/praying for all”

Live News Stream | ABC Live Streaming Video - ABC News

Live News Stream | ABC Live Streaming Video - ABC News

RT @KyleCBS21: Glued to the live stream of the developments on #MH370. Statement to be issued; no questions permitted. Watching on

“RT @ryanparkerdp: Media will not be allowed to ask questions in one of the most anticipated pressers I can remember... Not a good start #MH370”

“Go! Go! Go! Go! RT @SmGirlfriends: Ready for our next question??? #SlumberParty”

“RT @NutraSumma: We are :) RT @smgirlfriends: QUESTION ~

Who here is HEALTHY? HIT RT


“RT @SmGirlfriends: QUESTION ~

Who here is HEALTHY? HIT RT


“RT @Mizvanilla: @NutraSumma @KenScheer Welcome Ken! Hope you are ready to be bombarded with questions #SlumberParty”

“Tweet your questions to me and I will have our Doc @tlcadigan answer you! #SmGirlfriends”

“RT @TomekaNapper: @DabneyPorte @SmGirlfriends @LaurenMGalley Awesome, sound question/responses like this are great. Teens need practicality. #SmGirlfriends”

“"@ tlcadigan I'm answering for dr. C go ahead & ask questions - its Donte . She's here with me I'm just faster at tweeting #SmGirlfriends”

“RT @HouseofSquirrel: @luisaotero618 has a great question @tlcadigan @DabneyPorte @SmGirlfriends What exercise should a woman do over 50?”

“ ASKfm

questions/responses posted to or about your child/teen can be via a named or anonymous user


“ ASKfm

Is a social site where users can ask other users questions.


“ Six Safety TIPS down...

SIX more to go! go! go!

Any questions/comments thus far??


Twitter / DabneyPorte:

Twitter / DabneyPorte: "I'd dress up as Siri 4 Halloween ...

"I'd dress up as Siri 4 Halloween if my life didn't already entail being asked stupid questions all day" #BareItAll

“To ask a question denotes the given right to answer yes or no ~ let's all keep that in mind! #SmManners”

“RT @ENews: We have a special guest host on E! News tonight: @KristinCav! What questions do you have for her? Tweet or send us a Vine with #AskKristin!”

“Awww! LOVE is beautiful! RT @jodisjoy: @DabneyPorte I'm unsure why I find this question so beautiful lol. #smgirlfriends”

“RT @luisaotero618: 5 tips - smiling, eyecontact, conversation, active listening, ask questions, engage, & touching hugging #SmGirlfriends @RachelDeAlto

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