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“RT @Holly_Love2: @ruthtaitphotos @DabneyPorte @SmGirlfriends Yee haw Ruth! Here's to 10,001! #smgirlfriends”

RUTH RT @ruthtaitphotos: Hey #Smgirlfriends at #Slumberparty ...****><><><><><>>>>>****BAM******<<<<<>><><><><>**Hit ya with my best pillow!”

Sending BIG #HappyBirthday #Love to Ruth Kaiser from all of her #SmGirlfriends!

Sending BIG #HappyBirthday #Love to Ruth Kaiser from all of her #SmGirlfriends!

Sending BIG #HappyBirthday #Love to Ruth Kaiser from all of her #SmGirlfriends!

“RT @SpontaneSmiley: How about making a list of what you already did and title it TO DO. Then cross off every item and shout: t'DO, t'DID, t'DAH! ~Ruth Kaiser”

“RT @SpontaneSmiley: All is well. Even when it seems that it is not, it actually is. You have only to believe that to make it be so. ~ Ruth Kaiser”

“RT @OhMyJet: Ruth @ruthtaitphotos I simply looooovvveee the #RuthTait #PicturePerfect beautiful illustration for @WayneHurlbert @DabneyPorte

“Waving HELLLLLO! RT @amyegoodman: Hi there RUTH!! @SpontaneSmiley @momBeTween @DabneyPorte #Smgirlfriends”

“Hi Ruth! @RuthSherman so fun seeing you swoop into my nest!!”

“Two #SmGirlfriends I just KNOW will produce magic together ~ Ruth @SpontaneSmiley and the delightful @AmyEGoodman #Cheers”

“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up ~ Babe Ruth #quote”

“Like Diva to DUST! xo RT @tomekanapper: @SpontaneSmiley No worries, Ruth! She and I are on it!!! @SmashFit @DabneyPorte @WidowintheCity

“RT @JoshSabarra: @SpontaneSmiley @DabneyPorte @SmashFit But I am sure you do it with a smile, Ruth! xo”

“Hi Ruth! RT @ruthtaitphotos: Hello Kristin @thebendigirl & @DabneyPorte .... great party already! #slumberparty”

“RT @conelien8181: Very true Ruth! @SpontaneSmiley we become the rock that our friends need at times @DabneyPorte @DailyDimmick @iMommygame #SmGirlfriends”

“My #MustFollow for today is Ruth of @SpontaneSmiley She is kind, compassionate, giving, empowered & simply FAB #SmGirlfriends”

RUTH! RT @BarbaraDuke: Anyone seen that @ruthtaitphotos ? She is usually hiding with a can of Silly String. #SmGirlFriends #slumberparty"”

“Sending morning smiles to YOU Ruth @spontanesmiley ~ to the girl who brings so many smiles to US! xo #SmGirlfriends”

“Changing the world with smiles! RT @raisinggreatmen: @SpontaneSmiley Ruth, love what you do :) #smgirlfriends”

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