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“RT @LDouglasHogan: Mr. President, there should never be a smile on your face or club in your hand while our sons are getting their heads hacked off @gretawire

“BE the reason someone smiles today #SmGirlfriends! #PayItForward! ”

“RT @NikaStewart: Use your smile to change the world. Don't let the world change your smile.”

“Ditto to you Allison! RT #ALLISONSMILES: @DabneyPorte @SmGirlfriends Sending loads of sunshine & smiles your way! #SmGirlfriends"”

“RT @SoLoveMy5: #Smile #Sparkle #Shine gets 'em every time, so smile, sparkle & shine! @DabneyPorte @iMorganHiggins #SmGirlfriends”

“RT @MeeoMiia: These ladies are = #smgirlfriends "@Drakee_YMCMB: Find someone that's worth your time, your smiles, and your laughter."”

“LOVE Buddy Angela! RT @AngelaBLogan: "I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite." Buddy the Elf and my mantra! @theMomiverse @DabneyPorte

“RT @MarshaCollier: @DabneyPorte Thank you Dabney. The news is all over quake coverage, even @RealTime94Quake , will see @Joan_Rivers tonight for smiles

Smiles in #Maryland as I swoop into my nest & see all the LOVE. I'm beyond grateful! How are YOU today?”

Twitter / SpontaneSmiley: Happy Birthday to EVERYONE! ...

Twitter / SpontaneSmiley: Happy Birthday to EVERYONE! ...

RT @SpontaneSmiley: @CalvinKlein Life is pretty great, when birthday cake smiles at you. A Smiling birthday cake to help you celebrate.

“YOU make me SMILE! xo RT @lorisica: @DabneyPorte thank you for sharing coffee & brilliance with me this morning :) #smgirlfriends”

“So funny! RT @dancinmoma: @DabneyPorte @LawrenceZarian LOVE the "flush" story #GOL (giggling out loud) Service with style and a smile!!! ;)”

“I simply HEART you both !RT @LAlupusLady: @OhMyJet Smiles are contagious. #SMGirlfriends”

“RT @ShannonAlton: @DabneyPorte Oh & that statement is so true, my friends. #SmGirlfriends Sending my "Happy 1st day of July!" to y'all. Smiles!”

“RT @GothamD: @DabneyPorte @OprahsLifeclass @ParkHyattChi Pretty! I got #SunnyHappy just looking at it smile> Love u2 : )”

“That's what GIRLFRIENDS are for! RT @smgirlfriends: We LOVE seeing our #SmGirlfriends daily chat & seeing ur smiles & hearing at ur SUCCESS!”

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