Spam Tweets by @DabneyPorte

“RT @TomekaNapper: @fricando9w954Be It would also be awesome if you wouldn't spam people. Have a nice day.”

“RT @ViJIENEC: If every one of your tweets are you advertising your business over and over, you'll be perceived as #SPAM and we'll #unfollow.”

“RT @Johnmarc: I thought spam came in a can ! Not email just spent an hour UN scribing from spam email”

“If u send me a #DivaMessage (a twitter direct message/dm) of importance...please #TweetMeMaybe so I check & see it! So much clutter fr spam


RT @ketron_re: #SMmanners #danielbeattydvm One of my heroes in life is a DVM, She's the vetKey I want to marry early and have a son”


RT @emelda_x3: #SMmanners Just what is a hashtag? Answer: http:youtu,beaAHitI26MmEollow You 3, You Follow Back 4, Everyones Happy”

“Ohhhh the #SPAM in our #SmManners nest is absurd! Come on over and #ProtectOurNest via block/report all those repeated tweets via fak accts”

“Dear #BareItAll SPAMMER If u think we will EVER support your brand after such a bomb of spam you are mistaken. Way to destroy your #Brand”

“Block/Report RT @CoachFriedrich: Oh my word...if my first #BareItAll back in 3 weeks gets twitter spam bombed, I might lose it.....”

“What is UP w all of the spam to get FREE followers in the #BareItAll nest. Block for spam #ProtectOurNest”


Many don't even KNOW they are sending them. #TrueTwit is the WORST. Tell you to avoid spam & they SEND spam via YOU


“I remember why I once had an assistant handle my emails. Sifting through the 'can you help me for free' & spam is a full time job. Yikes”

“I #follow all who follow @NFLgirlfriends Well...not spam or "inappropriate" accounts But if you are real in my nest you go! #SmGirlfriends”

“If I follow you & you send me a spam auto sale link but I try to dm you anyway only to 2 find u don't follow me back. How do u think I feel?”

“How can we turn OFF the auto DMS sent by your users on Twitter @justunfollow @socialoomph allows us. The spam is a BIG #FAIL #smmanners ”

“How can we Opt OUT of auto DMS sent via your platform on Twitter @justunfollow ~ @socialoomph allows us. The spam is a BIG #FAIL #smmanners ”

“We must #ProtectOurNest Hit report/spam asap RT @TomekaNapper: SPAM ALERT >> @darell4edjoo #SmManners”

“Let's ASK..Ohhh DOCTOR OZ...are you sending spam? RT @rofrong9103: @DabneyPorte @DrOz you should tweet it over and over maybe he will see it”

“Your sending spam via DM's @desita74 @give_me_a_latte @HPlotus If you didn't mean too, change your twitter PW ASAP Youve been hacked.”

“I wonder if @DrOz has a social media team & if they know his name is being used in TONS of DM spams. Uh ho.... #SmManners”

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