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Dear #SmGirlfriends ~ Let's help Jo @wildheart4vr win a #smallbiz win a grant of up to $25k from @FedEx

“Celebrate your wins. When you celebrate even the smallest accomplishments, you affirm to yourself that you are capable of more. #DabneyTip”

“The healthier you are & the reserves you have will create a win win for your health! via Dr @Ticadigan #SmGirlfriends”

“Work day finished & BAM! Can't say what but I had BIG success and join our #CelebrateYourWins day w my #SmGirlfriends tell me YOUR wins!”

“ LOOK #SmGirlfriends

Enter to #Win in @Oprah's 12 day holiday giveoway!

How FUN! LOVE my #OWNers friends xo”

Twitter / DabneyPorte: Chat follow up w #SmGirfriends ...

Twitter / DabneyPorte: Chat follow up w #SmGirfriends ...

Chat follow up w #SmGirfriends ~

Did you meet your daily goals?

Let us know & go CELEBRATE your wins!

“ Remember #SmGirlfriends

Know your WHY

Set your GOALS

Create a PLAN

Build your AUDIENCE

Take inspired ACTION

Celebrate your WINS

“Goal Tip ~ Celebrating your wins as you achieve progress will help to acknowledge U & your EFFORTS. Do you do that now? #SmGirlfriends”

“Goal Tip ~ When you successfully complete your daily goal list of to do's !~ CELEBRATE your wins! THIS is so important! #SmGirlfriends”

Surviving Marriage with Jenny Triplett & your #SmGirlfriends

Surviving Marriage with Jenny Triplett & your #SmGirlfriends

LISTEN for the secret word to tweet and #Win today! Wait...for it...HERE>> #SmGirlfriends

“Oh woooo! You can #WIN a bottle of @Prisonworld 's perfume and/or a copy of Jenny's book later in the show! #Smgirlfriends”

“A2 ~ I surround my self with objects of celebrations that define my wins. I look, touch and recall the moments & I am BACK #SmGirlfriends”

“Chocolate. I will celebrate today's wins with chocolate. Hmmm in cake form. And merlot. You? #SmGirlfriends”

“HUGS! RT @mqtodd: #FTW You guys empower me RT @RobCairns Woooo! @aarongottlieb: @DabneyPorte FOR THE WIN!!!!! #smmanners”

“EVERYONE READY? RT @smgirlfriends: The SIXTH correct answer sent via DM to @thebendigirl WINS FOR CLUE FOUR #SlumberParty”

“RT @smgirlfriends: The 5th correct answer sent via DM to @thebendigirl for CLUE TWO ~ WINS! #SlumberParty”

“Remember ~ You must Follow @TheBendiGirl & LIKE her on FB to PLAY & #Win #SlumberParty #SlumberParty”

“RT @smgirlfriends: The THIRD correct answer sent via DM to @thebendigirl WINS! #SlumberParty”

Celebrate Wins .jpg

Celebrate Wins .jpg

Tip 15 ~ Celebrate ur WINS! At the end of ur wk it's critical to acknowledge that you DID it! Tell us! #SmGirlfriends

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