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“RT @SmashFit: Amen! @DabneyPorte: @SmashFit thanks. All women and men too must know they are worthy! BAM! #SmGirlfriends"”

Women have been trained over the years to speak softly. THOSE days are OVER! Find your voice #smgirlfriends ”

“RT @StilettoNSweats: @DabneyPorte Anytime! xoxo Can't tell you how thankful I am for you and bringing so many amazing and inspiring women into my life! xoxo”

“Insecure women act in the most hostile ways. It's as if they are fighting for self worth. Sad really #RHONY”

“RT @MelissaOnline: ► Upcoming Conferences & Events for #Women, Entrepreneurs & Bloggers #SheOwnsIt #conference #event”

“Amazed by women like Aveva who just are UNABLE to say " I'm Sorry" #RHONY”

“RT @OneToughMutherK: @FairyTraps @DabneyPorte I hear it from all that wear it..#kickin so much 2 the curb & feelin the #Power of #women 2gether @OneToughMutherK

“RT @OneToughMutherK: @DabneyPorte No Thanks necessary I support my posse with love & light @OneToughMutherK #women should lift up #women

“BAM! xo RT @Joannahertzberg: @DabneyPorte empowered women! Love it!!! #bareitall”

“Girls Compete with each other...Women EMPOWER one other! #SmGirlfriends agree? ”

“There is no tool for development more effective than the EMPOWERMENT of women! Can I get an AMEN my #SmGIrlfriends? ”

“Don't hate her because she's successful via @sherylsandberg #EmpoweredWomen EMBRACE successful women #SmGirlfriends ”

“RT @TomekaNapper: Women who do drugs, drink, and smoke while pregnant have a serious problem and anyone who supports their habits are enablers. @DrPhil

“RT @itsmamaafrika: Hi there @iMorganHiggins I love seeing young women chase their dreams! Go get 'em! :) #RisingStar #SMGirlfriends”

“RT @virtualgestures: very excited to be serving on 2 boards that support women entrpreneurs & women owned businesses! Love paving the way for womena #Leadership”

“RT @ArevaMartin: @DabneyPorte @JacLaurita @Marianne_Russo these are the smartest, savviest, compassionate women on the web! #smgirlfriends”

“I keep hearing #RHONY ratings are dropping. Perhaps the entitlement issues while many women WISH they could travel etc is just too much”

“RT @Marianne_Russo: Yes it is!!! RT @DabneyPorte: Yes @AngieLembo @ArevaMartin @Marianne_Russo women supporting women. Isn't that what #SmGirlfriends are for?”

“RT @shawntelcarey: Just set the reminder to watch the most fearlessly smart women I know @ArevaMartin on #AC360 #ADVOCATE #CHILDREN tonight 9EST”

“If we are not careful we will all have our rights taken away. We need empowered women and men w integrity as leaders. #Hannity”

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