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“Today's era of #Branding. thx @iAmWilliAmKing

“A #royalbaby calls for a royal shade of paint. via @SherwinWilliams #branding

“Have waffles replaced the cupcake that replaced the donut that replaced the chocolate chip cookie? ~@JimJosephExp #branding

“An Ice Cream Truck that Tweets and Other Tales from Ben & Jerry's. via @purematter #branding

“Adopt a penguin chick and you'll have the opportunity to suggest a name! via @AquariumPacific #branding

“Comscore reports 1 in 4 iPhone 5S owners (about 3.6 million) say they intend to purchase an iPhone 6. (via @latimes) #branding

“Today's #BrandTip via @storybrand: Branding is not about telling your story. It's about understanding your customer's story.”

“Jaguar's new car leaps into the sky - with a little help from a helicopter. via @thisismoney #branding

“Mazda reveals newest MX-5 Miata, 25 years after original. via @latimes #branding

“CVS' new name reflects "its broader health care commitment." by @brucejapsen via @Forbes #branding

“Isis Mobile Wallet Rebrands to Softcard to Distance from Terror Group. by @ingridlunden via @TechCrunch #branding

“Summer is coming to an end, but here's to sweet stuff. via @GODIVA #branding

“Medford, Oregon-based @HarryandDavid purchased by @1800flowers. #branding

“Coffee flavored potato chips? Really? via @SoftwareHollis #branding

“Getting Your Customer Experience to Deliver on Your Brand Promise. via @customerthink #branding

“10 Ways to Transform Employees Into Your Best Brand Advocates. via @SteamFeedcom #branding

“What @Abercrombie is doing with its logo and why. via @MarketingEds #branding

“Budweiser Clydesdales are hanging out in the stables along with Chip. via @lacountyfair #branding

“The "Just Do It" Effect: The Power of The World's Most Inspiring Tagline. via @MJGottlieb #branding

“Advertising shouts at you. Marketing talks to you. Branding connects with you. ~@brand_BIG”

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