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“My amigo has seen Pacers at Washington 4 times in last 5 years. He is 1-3. (I'm 1-2) That's not very good.” - The Official NBA Store. One Store, Every Team. - The Official NBA Store. One Store, Every Team.

Got all excited there was an actual Pacers email from , but it still features DG.. (& Playoff shirt is just OK)

“RT @kyle_maxwell18: "Indiana Pacers may be the 2nd best team in the league from top to bottom." - Reggie Miller”

“Wow what a last play by them, but PACERS WIN! PACERS WIN! #FourInARow”

“What is mi amigo @ClipperDarrell shouting about right now? wow. 10-0 #Pacers #LetsGo”

“Did I fall asleep and am now dreaming, or is it actually 10 and Pacers pregame is on?!?”

“RT @NaptownSeth: Pacers fans haven't seen 47 wins in a season since the 03-04 team won 61. Last year they had the win PCT, but less games.”

“"Pacers lead the East man, good job!" I went along with it.”

“Watch Pacers make practice shots and.. go to a game!”

“Email, tweet, text.. it's like the Pacers are pouring salt in my Danny Granger wound.”

“Granger in, Granger out.. I think the Pacers teased me more than my 8th grade girlfriend.”

“Love long time all the dislike of @ESPNNBA about #Pacers. #WhatsTheHashtag?”

“Why don't the Pacers have a Frank Vogel t-shirt & who do I fire because of this abhorrent neglect?!? U no wanna make $?” Roy Hibbert Is Fired Up Roy Hibbert Is Fired Up

RT @NBANewsToday: Roy Hibbert Is Fired Up: Roy Hibbert gets fired up about the Pacers nearly losing their big lead to the Hawks ...

“This new college ball twitter makes me feel like all my amigos left me & I have no one to talk to. go pacers?”

Pacers Win! Pacers Win! Big take from tonight is Green really needed a game like this. We could use him! HT 2 Frank.”

Pacers should have a serious dunk contest before next season to sell them tickets. Get Indiana college players, too.”

Photo on 2013-03-16 at 20:29.jpg

Photo on 2013-03-16 at 20:29.jpg

View of the Pacers game.

“RT @TheSandman21: I'm ashamed of my hometown. Show some loyalty you bandwagoning tools! #pacers

“RT @nem781: @ElPacero slick Leonard just said he we are, winning season, championship contender, more lakers fans here than pacer fans...just sad:(”

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