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“Try high-frequency (4-6 X per week) bodyweight training to increase strength, work capacity, and the body's ability to work as a unit.”

“Sleep 6-8 hours per night - make time for 9 if you're training really hard - to stay healthy, rested, and physically robust”

“Watch your posture. 1 hour of training can't undo 15 of mess.”

“Find gym buddies or new training partners for motivation and healthy friendship.”

“When focusing on cardio, cut your training distance in half every six weeks to allow for recovery.”

“Try Fartlek training for cardio. Jog, walk, run, sprint, alternate. Intuitive, variable and fun.”

“For intermediate lifters training hard, cut your volume in half every 4 weeks to allow for recovery.”

A Personal Trainer That Never Yells?

A Personal Trainer That Never Yells?

New Fitness App Gives Impersonal Personal Training | Blood, Sweat & Cheers @BloodSweatCheer

“If you've been training w/ low frequency for a while, switch to high freq. for a few weeks, and vice versa.”

“Captains of cardio, remember that leg training will increase your speed.”

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