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“‏We're thrilled to hear it! RT @mathew_bartz I loved the Diva episode of @GLEEonFOX #gleeva

“Santana hits New York. Watch out! #gleeva

“"A diva doesn't settle for less than what she wants and she won't apologize for wanting it." - Tina #gleeva

“Belt it out! #gleeva RT @MamaMaryShow Just turning on #GLEE. Loving Blaine in this Diva song.”

“A Diva-off over Brittany. Who are you rooting for tonight? #gleeva

“Did that bring out your inner Diva? #gleeva RT @jbel15 That diva number was #FIERCE #glee”

“"I'm a, I'm a, a Diva!" Belt it out, Gleeks. #gleeva

“It's Diva week! Who's pumped? #gleeva

“West Coast: It's time to bring out the Divas. Glee starts NOW! Are you watching? #gleeva

“Thanks for watching East Coast! We'll see you soon West Coast! #gleeva

“Who loved Santana's performance of "Girl On Fire" by @aliciakeys? #gleeva

“"She never wins anything!" - Brittany #gleeva

“Make your choice: Kurt or Rachel? #gleeva

“RT if your relationship status on Facebook says "Shacked Up". #gleeva

“"One word...Bram!" - Tina #gleeva

“RT if you loved Blaine's performance of "Don't Stop Me Now" by @QueenWillRock! #gleeva

“"Get ready for Diva-off part two!" - Kurt #gleeva

“Exactly. #gleeva RT @emilyyyrajan12 A diva does not sweat the haters 😘 #GLEE”

“Diva (n.): a fierce, often temperamental singer who comes correct. #gleeva

“Let the Diva-off begin East Coast! Don't forget to check-in to unlock tonight's exclusive GLEE sticker. - #gleeva

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