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“RT @StopTheseThings: Of Unicorns & Pink Elephants: "Reliance" on Wind Power is Pure "Green" Fantasy ”

“RT @CatallaxyFiles: Guest Post: Brad Emery – Greens leader's fantasy speech a job killer. ”

“RT @richardrock12: @LeeroySmith68 @getausright
Greens like the 'fat slob' on the boundary every Saturday, he can't do it but full of advice for those who can”

“RT @TheGWPF: Australia's Green Lobby Fears The End Is Nigh via @sharethis

Greens are the Enemies of Energy

Greens are the Enemies of Energy

RT @HeartlandInst: Greens are the Enemies of Energy

“RT @TheGWPF: Obama's Green Unicorn via @sharethis

“RT @MasterResource: Exposing Big Bad Green: Three major stories about the Green movement and its ties to major Left-wing foundatio... ”

“RT @sandgroper76: Hey greens, just bought myself a fuel efficient car. Lol #auspol ”

“ Professor Ian Plimer book launch - Not For Greens - YouTube

#auspol #climate #greens #today ”

“RT @Carbongate: Green Agenda 21: The Plan for a Global Fascist Dictatorship ”

“This will be the deranged Green next target.
;-) ”

“RT @ToryAardvark: Communicating Climate Change Without The Scary Green Monsters (Oxymoron) #eg #agw #climatechange #globalwarming”

“McDonalds promoting environmentalism as the new communism. "GREEN IS THE NEW RED" @JamesDelingpole @wattsupwiththat

Green NGOs Reject The Green Economy And Carbon Taxes | Tory Aardvark ”

“Please donate to our campaign so Patrick Moore - Greenpeace Co-founder can discuss the environment with Aust. #greens

“RT @worldnetdaily: "Green is the new red—as in Marxism. This agenda is not about clean air and water, it's about the centralization of power…" @Brian_Sussman

“RT @aDissentient: Greens go violent ”

“RT @JunkScience: How 'GREEN' is the FOOTPRINT of a WIND TURBINE? 45 tons of rebar and 630 cubic yards of concrete. ”

“RT @AxeCo2Tax: Dr. Paul Ehrlich
Author of Population Bomb,
Reveals #Greens' obsession with eliminating cheap & abundant energy #auspol ”

“RT @StopTheseThings: Maurice Newman: NSW's "Green" Dreaming is Nuts ”

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