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“Going to open a coffee shop called 'Booze & Beans' but it won't serve coffee. Just booze. With a side of pinto beans. Because pooping.”

“In honor of International Women's Day, I'm passive aggressively sighing in bed till my husband makes coffee. Then, MANI PEDI TIME!!”

“I take my coffee with 3 Splendas, my purse with 47.”

“I don't know why these Hollywood starlets spend so much money on colonics. Just achieved the same result with coffee, laxatives & Taco Bell.”

“#FF @BoobsRadley b/c she speaks out against decaf coffee, can put on lipstick while texting 'cleavage' & her handle has BOOBS AND RAD in it.”

“RT @davidgrossTV: "Coffee is for closure." - Glengarry Glen Ross and Rachel”

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