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“If Kim Jong-un read all of our bad North Korea jokes, he'd realize we, as a population, are already doomed and call off the nukes.”

“All my knowledge on any given topic is just a bunch of random assumptions I make from your Twitter jokes.”

“"Are we still making big dick jokes?" - Jon Hamm's penis”

“Listen, you guys, most of my jokes on Saturdays are going to be about Mimosas. Because I'm drunk. On Mimosas. #BottomlessMimosas”

“Those short attention span/ADD jokes are so orig”

“In your 20s, you flash for beads. In your 30s, you tell jokes about flashing for RTs. In your 40s, DEAR GOD LET ME HAVE SELF-ESTEEM BY THEN.”

“Are pandas another Twitter joke hack like pizza and despair?”

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