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“Goodluck! :) RT @slowcheetahcome: Drinking green tea, typing up a study abroad application. <3”

“That's great! Congrats! :) RT @mollykins19: Study Abroad application was accepted!! I'm going to England!!! :) #yewwwwwwwww”

“Fantastic! Way tog go. :) RT @lillyramos: Filling out my second application to study abroad this summer in Taiwan!”

“GoodLuck! :) RT @elsitaaah: Amongst the chaos I have officially submitted the first part of my study abroad application!!! Can't wait!”

“RT @lillyramos: just finished my application to study abroad in taiwan this summer! turning it in tomorrow! #cantwait #crossingmyfingers”

“RT @alyssagodwin2: I had a dream that I was in Spain last night and it was lovely...motivation to finally finish my application!...”

“Goodluck! :) RT @littledebsss: Submitted my application to study abroad in Barbados this summer!! Now comes the waiting game....”

“Goodluck! :) RT @taytayshepherd: Guys. I'm turning in my study abroad application today. IS THIS REAL LIFE”

“Goodluck! :) RT @celine_low: Wooooooo submitted my study abroad application! Eeeek!! 😝”

“Congratulations! :) RT @stephaniedpina: Study Abroad application has been accepted, I'm going to Brazil! #UFRGS #PortoAlegre 🎉🎉🎉”

“GoodLuck! :) RT @beth_spackman: application sent... #aaah #studyabroad #nervous”

“Way to go! :) RT @imnojezebel: Done with the Study Abroad application!!!! Whoo hoo!!!”

“RT @tylerhimelick: My study abroad application is officially turned in and I am now waiting for the next steps #NervousButExcited...”

“Nice! Goodluck! :) RT @emwashek: Italy study abroad application complete and submitted ✔”

“Way to go! :) RT @earenwe: I passed the first stage for studying abroad! Now my application is forwarded, well, abroad! :)”

“*Like* RT @leasy15: Finally turned in my study abroad application for Spain”

“Good luck! Hope you get accepted! RT @israaizzy: just submitted my Rome study abroad application :) looking forward to it!”

“Good luck on your applications! RT @julie12789: Just submitted my application to study abroad in spain this summer!”

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