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“RT @CCwordgirl: Put logo at top of email...use colors from logo to lead eye throughout email. #inboundlearning

“RT @GeorgeBThomas: All emails need to be mobile optimized. It is no longer an option! #Inboundlearning

“Calling all #InboundLearning attendees "Review of Customer Emails" slides are ready for download! ”

“Calling all #InboundLearning attendees "How to Build Inbound Emails" slides are ready for download! ”

“RT @CCwordgirl: Mobile audiences should be able to read your whole email in "two swipes" of a finger. #inboundlearning

“RT @EmelineGleitz: Personalized emails see 14% higher click-through rates and 10% more conversions #inboundlearning via @NitiFromBoston and @MarkKilens

“#InboundLearning question of the day: What is your email marketing pro tip?”

“Thank you #inboundlearning attendees! We hope that you found the webinar useful. Again, our presenters were @NitiFromBoston & @MarkKilens

“Stay tuned for the #inboundlearning webinar next week for some actual email marketing examples from HubSpot and other customers!”

“Pro Tip: Emails should add value, not ask for it. #inboundlearning

“RT @emilymaxie: Align your email content with the stage of the buyer's journey #inboundlearning

“RT @GeorgeBThomas: Emails that people love. #inboundlearning gave us a recipe to use. Thanks @hubspot for this delicious email snack. ”

“Always write your email with a goal in mind. You may need to structure the email differently based on this goal. #inboundlearning

“You can lose trust in a second w/ a bad email. Make sure your emails aren't interruptive & are sent in the correct context! #inboundlearning

“Unengaged contacts can hurt your email engagement numbers. Suppress leads who haven't opened your emails in over a year. #inboundlearning

“No matter how awesome you are at emailing. Keep growing your lists with inbound leads! #inboundlearning

“Some leads are never going to close, but they still love you! These are your evangalists. Email them shareable content! #inboundlearning

“Ideas for email list segmentation: behavioral (ex. view pricing page), firmographic, first conversion event, &more! #inboundlearning

“Hey #inboundlearning attendees, how many contacts do you have in your database? How many segmented lists do you have?”

“For context in emails, know your buyer personas, but also where they are in the buyer's journey! #inboundlearning

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