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“RT @EmelineGleitz: Smart content delivers the right content, to the right people at the right time #inboundlearning @deedeedkc

“RT @danmoyle: Smart content is more than text & pictures. Smart form fields can help cut steps to conversion! #InboundLearning

“Calling all #InboundLearning attendees "Smart Content: This Time it's Personal" slides are ready for download! ”

“RT @CCwordgirl: Put logo at top of email...use colors from logo to lead eye throughout email. #inboundlearning

“RT @GeorgeBThomas: All emails need to be mobile optimized. It is no longer an option! #Inboundlearning

“Calling all #InboundLearning attendees "Review of Customer Emails" slides are ready for download! ”

“Calling all #InboundLearning attendees "How to Build Inbound Emails" slides are ready for download! ”

“RT @CCwordgirl: Mobile audiences should be able to read your whole email in "two swipes" of a finger. #inboundlearning

“RT @EmelineGleitz: Personalized emails see 14% higher click-through rates and 10% more conversions #inboundlearning via @NitiFromBoston and @MarkKilens

“#InboundLearning question of the day: What is your email marketing pro tip?”

“Thank you #inboundlearning attendees! We hope that you found the webinar useful. Again, our presenters were @NitiFromBoston & @MarkKilens

“Stay tuned for the #inboundlearning webinar next week for some actual email marketing examples from HubSpot and other customers!”

“Pro Tip: Emails should add value, not ask for it. #inboundlearning

“RT @emilymaxie: Align your email content with the stage of the buyer's journey #inboundlearning

“RT @GeorgeBThomas: Emails that people love. #inboundlearning gave us a recipe to use. Thanks @hubspot for this delicious email snack. ”

“Always write your email with a goal in mind. You may need to structure the email differently based on this goal. #inboundlearning

“You can lose trust in a second w/ a bad email. Make sure your emails aren't interruptive & are sent in the correct context! #inboundlearning

“Unengaged contacts can hurt your email engagement numbers. Suppress leads who haven't opened your emails in over a year. #inboundlearning

“No matter how awesome you are at emailing. Keep growing your lists with inbound leads! #inboundlearning

“Some leads are never going to close, but they still love you! These are your evangalists. Email them shareable content! #inboundlearning

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