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“RT @TrendNee: The #NFL has strong feelings about player safety & unnecessary roughness but supports a child abuser #Vikings #AdrianPeterson scummy!”

“RT @EmilyHeiser: Once again the NFL chooses to protect it's players rather than the victims of horrific abuse. #Goodellmustgo #enough #Vikings”

“RT @NDChzhead2: #Vikings are a disgrace to the NFL.”

“RT @Mind_of_lee: I will not watch one #Vikings game even if they play my beloved #Packers until they cut #AdrianPeterson #NFL You do not beat a child!”

“RT @MsLagerfelt: So #AdrianPeterson beats 4 yr old son brutally,leaving OPEN cuts and bruises on his legs arms genitals & hands & #Vikings let him play.#NFL

“RT @TerryStockus: #NFL #Vikings Chronic Institutional Support. Protect Player at all cost. This isn't about business, this is about humanity...he's 4yrs old!”

“RT @_LovelyLilith_: Do you need a video of Adrian Peterson beating his child before sacking him like Ray Rice? #NFL #Vikings Wow.”

“RT @netw3rk: Goodell trying to find some low-level NFL employee that's already close to retirement who will be like, "Oh I just found this on my desk."”

“RT @MyersNFL: NFL's lesson for everyone today: If you're going to do something awful, don't do it on camera.”

“RT @ohiosportslead: HOLD UP! Josh Gordon can suit up yet this year for the #browns #clevelandbrowns #Cleveland #nfl

“Gordon Suspension Highlights Embarrassing Hypocrisy of NFL's Real Drug Problem bit of a long read, but interesting”

“So one guy wants to knock his wife up, and gets 4 game suspension. Another guy knocks his wife out and gets 2. Tough sledding for #NFL wives”

“Just signed up for NFL Redzone. Let the frantic football goodness begin #fantasyfootball”

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