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“I'm guessing Mavis is a smoker? Heh. #grammys

“How is it that Prince is both awkwardly weird, but also probably the coolest dude in the room? #grammys

“Carrie Underwood can flat sing. And that dress thing is funky neat. #grammys

“And in the green M&M ensemble, Katie Perry. #grammys

“Dear Microsoft, we're not buying Surfaces until you get the director to stop showing Chris Brown. #grammys #moneytalks”

“Please stop showing Chris Brown. Please? #grammys

“Not sure if the Jazz Band and Dr. John didn't add too much there. #grammys

“Here comes the Black Keys!!!! #grammys

“Did they cut straight to the abusive boyfriend right after Rhianna finished? Tell me not. #grammys

“My wife and I are predicting winners based on what our 4-year-old sings more. We're hitting about .600 so far. #grammys

“Yeah, the Alicia Keys-Maroon 5 pairing was strong. Well done. #grammys

“He'll yeah! Love me some Black Keys!!!! #grammys

“So how many drum line moves does it take to bust a Microsoft Surface? #grammys

“Eeew. Not a fan of that dress either. #grammys

“Not a pop music aficionado, but Timberlake's tunes sound pretty good. (Can't believe I'm tweeting that.) #grammys

“Mumford & Sons must have a seven-figure replacement strings budget. #grammys

“Yep. Depp is stoned. #grammys

“Is Tim McGraw's hat made of titanium? #grammys

“Okay, people. I worded that poorly. Miranda Lambert is beautiful. In my opinion that outfit didn't make her look so. I'm sorry. #grammys

“Wow! Some women shouldn't wear mini skirts. Rhymes with "Niranda Pambert." #grammys

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