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“Thank you to all the hosts and the Brands this was fun! #FABin13

“Woohoo!!!! RT @zipporahs: BONUS: For those of U who stayed until the end - sign up for 1 mo FREE of Weight Loss Guru #FABin13

“I make sure I have positive people around me RT @zipporahs: Your mood is as important to your overall health as what you eat. #FABin13

“Q5 to this group and to my family and closest friends #FABin13

“Q4 before i struggled to make time, now I make me a priority! #FABin13

“RT @FabTransform Have your product featured in our next party? Email us at fabtransformations@gmail.com we are transforming women! #FABin13

“I use Walkmeter and Endomondo #FABin13

“Q3 I have a walking app that tracks everything and I use it daily #FABin13

“congrats to the winners, they are flying by so fast my eyes can't adjust lol #FABin13

“LOL RT @zipporahs: @HavensMommy26 LOL - you can't take away my wine. NO NO NO #FABin13

“Sleep and colds for me too RT @RachelFerrucci: Tea can naturally help you in many ways (sleep, colds, energy, etc) #FABin13

“Q2 makes me nice and relaxed #FABin13

“The definition of will power is ‘the unwavering strength of will to carry out one's wishes.' #FABin13

“ME!!!!! @petecohen_: So who would like to transform their bodies #FABin13

“RT @zipporahs: Regardless of what you need to change this year - we R here to support U #FABin13

“Q1 - Most important thing for me is a group of people who will support me and help keep me on the right path! #FABin13

“I am here waiting for start :) #FABin13

Get #FABin13 with Fabulous Transformations

Get #FABin13 with Fabulous Transformations

RT @zipporahs: We've made it thru the 1st wk of the yr. Are you still on track with your goals? #fabin13

“RT @FabTransform: We are so excited for 2013! Glad to have @Jentifa @BeingAlison @MomSpotted @SugarJones @cuponeandolive getting #FABin13

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