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“RT @BarrettAll: Thanks to @JessicaNorthey and everyone for taking an hour to #BareItAll today! Have a great afternoon! 7 hours until @DuckDynastyAE!”

“RT @MarySarahMusic: She's #flossy too "@mistygirlph: @JessicaNorthey enjoying #BareItAll interview w/ u =D You are fascinating" < aw shucks”

“hey #Bareitall if I am not following you, lemmme know so we can keep in touch. Thank you so much @barrettall for having me as guest 2day! xo”

“A7 no clever answer. I still haven't even tried the Dorito flavored Taco shell, but it's lunch time right now & it could happen. #bareitall

“RT @Jillianastasia: @JessicaNorthey Followed! :) #BareItAll < followed you also :) xo”

“RT @JonSMCC: @BarrettAll @JessicaNorthey I'm a fanatic Chiver so I have to be that guy and say TheChive's app. #KCCO #BareItAll

“A6 not sure what you mean BUT have talked to 3 major labels this AM & still in my what could easily pass 4 PJs, & flips flops ;) #bareitall

“RT @BarrettAll: Q6. Can work-from-home programs be productive? Dont lie. We all want to do it. #bareitall

“RT @GettinSweenered: Yay! I didn't die in cross fit. < pics, or it didn't happen! LOL #Bareitall

jillianastasia on Instagram

jillianastasia on Instagram

RT @BarrettAll: It's true. Jillian's pretty and she posts pictures! @Jillianastasia follow me! :) I post pretty pictures. #BareItAll

“RT @BarrettAll: @JessicaNorthey @JosephWesolek "Madly in listen" is the best term I have heard all day! #BareItAll

jessicanorthey on Instagram

jessicanorthey on Instagram

A5 I love the @Google+ app for Android & obsessed with @instagram #TheyMakeMedication4ThatRight #BareItAll

“RT @BarrettAll: Q5. What is your favorite new app, for music or in general? #BareItAll @JessicaNorthey

“A4c I know I missed someone but I am just grabbing NEW Music that is in the music player on my droid right now. #BareItAll

“A3 Tell the truth. Make it matter. Never be boring. < the world likes those things & @DuckDynastyAE does them all! #BareItAll

“RT @mistygirlph: @JessicaNorthey enjoying #BareItAll interview w/ u =D Youre fascinating < thanks! I am just a cyberdork who loves country!”

“RT @ErinSRichards: @JessicaNorthey more social, less bull! That should be someone's motto. #BareItAll

“A2b Look 4 similar interest niches. There you'll find your true fans/friends & ease relating to them & NOT JUST NEW ARTISTS ;) #BareItAll

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