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“THANK YOU SO MUCH @kilby76 and EVERYONE at #MediaChat! I gotta run cause I am off to see @AaronLewisMusic...dont be a hater! :D woot”

“A9 oMgoodness wldnt even know where 2 start. Most stuff top secret but xcited I'll b hostn LIVE STREAM of @RealityAwardsTV 4/11 #MediaChat

“RT @kilby76: @JessicaNorthey Q9... my last question of the night... #mediachat

“A8 dont take ANY urself 2 seriously. Stay focused on UR goals. Don't worry abt what other people R doing/saying & run ur own race #MediaChat

“RT @kilby76: Q8) @JessicaNorthey What are some tips that you would give to becoming a social media rockstar like yourself? #mediachat

“A7 intention=increase fan engagement prior to Broadcast & cont 2 build comm. Alot of them also want2 piggyback on #CMchat comm #MediaChat

“RT @kilby76: Q7) @JessicaNorthey How have you help these events market to their target market through social media? #mediachat

“A6 doin Live Streamn Vid Interactive G+/TwitterChats aka Twangouts 4 quite a few events inclu Grammys w/Billboard, ACAs/ACMs/CMAs #MediaChat

“RT @kilby76: Q6) @JessicaNorthey What other national televised events have you done work for on their social media event marketing? #mediachat

“A5 hostN live video/twitter interactive chat(twangout) w/ TNA STARS w/my friend @ashirley5 from @lizardlicktowin Sat B4 #Lockdown #MediaChat

“RT @JerrodsBus: @JessicaNorthey @21rockincowgirl #Cmchat #mediachat That was supposed to be a community secret! <just trying to help them!”

“RT @kilby76: Q5) @JessicaNorthey … how are you helping SPIKE TV with this event? #mediachat

“A5 actually TNA @ImpactWrestling which has wkly show on @SpikeTV but they do severl arena shows 4 pay-per-view called LOCKDOWN. #MediaChat

“RT @kilby76: Q5) @JessicaNorthey I hear you are working with SPIKE TV for their wrestling show LOCKDOWN in San Antonio this week... #mediachat

“A4b Try not to micro manage but be specific about intentions & goals. Challenge peeps but dont ever treat them like their dumb. #MediaChat

“A4 MUST have love, authority & knowledge of subject. Find others who feel same way. Never worry what other people think (CON'T) #MediaChat

“RT @kilby76: Q4) @JessicaNorthey What pointers would you give to someone who is just starting a new community? #mediachat

“RT @21RockinCowgirl: How did you gain so many followers for your #CMchat community page on G+? #MediaChat < nekkid pics of @JerrodsBus

Lizard Lick meets Brantley Gilbert !

Lizard Lick meets Brantley Gilbert !

RT @Ashirley4: @LizardLickTowin meets @BrantleyGilbert! < & meets ME tomorrow! SHABAMMM BOOM #MediaChat #Lockdown

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