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“Doesn't matter if you love him or hate him, Cyclops is one of the most interesting characters in comics right now.. Well done, @marvel.”

“Don't forget to cast your vote for the best video game character for the #sundaysurvey: Link, Master Chief, or Nathan Drake?”

“Who's the ultimate video game character: Nathan Drake, Master Chief, or Link? 1st to 10 wins! #sundaysurvey”

“Whoa. @DCComics were going to kill off John Stewart? Someone tell them they don't need to kill a character every month.”

“So a bad character who nobody has seen in 20 years, from a comic nobody cares about anymore is coming into the Marvel U? That's big news?”

“RT @LarrysComics: Grant Morrison created Damien for @DCComics. Tomassi added layers of depth to the character that Morrison didn't see coming. #comicmarket”

“The final issue of Hit-Girl drops today by @mrmarkmillar & company. It's perfection! Mindy is one of the best characters in comics today!”

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