Sundaysurvey Tweets by @JetpackComics

“THAT'S IT! Dick Grayson is the twitter champion of the Robin #sundaysurvey! Check our facebook page to see who's the champion there!”

“Who's going to help Dick Grayson take home the twitter gold in this week's #sundaysurvey? And is ANYONE going to vote for Stephanie Brown?”

“Grayson is still in the lead in our #sundaysurvey! 2 votes to victory!!!!”

“Dick Grayson is only 3 votes away from victory in the #sundaysurvey! He's also in the lead over on the facebook #sundaysurvey!”

“Dick Grayson is already off to a commanding lead in our #sundaysurvey battle of the Robins!”

“That's right: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damien, AND Stephanie Brown are battling it out! #sundaysurvey

“Alright folks, #sundaysurvey time! With the news of Carrie Kelly making her DC #new52 debut, who's the BEST Robin? 1st to 10 wins!”

“That's it! Game of Thrones is our WINNER! #sundaysurvey

“So far #gameofthrones is beating #walkingdead for the show you will be watching tonight 2-0! #sundaysurvey

“Alright folks, #sundaysurvey time!”

“Regardless of whether you voted on twitter or Face book, there's no doubt that Link was our #sundaysurvey winner today!”

“Don't forget to cast your vote for the best video game character for the #sundaysurvey: Link, Master Chief, or Nathan Drake?”

“So far Link is 3 votes away from victory, Master Chief is 6 away, and Drake is 10 away from a #sundaysurvey victory!”

“#sundaysurvey so far: Link: 6 votes, Master Chief: 3 votes, Nathan Drake: 0”

“No love for Nathan Drake in these parts I guess. He's trailing Link's 4 votes and Master Chief's 3! #sundaysurvey

“Who's the ultimate video game character: Nathan Drake, Master Chief, or Link? 1st to 10 wins! #sundaysurvey

“Alright folks, in honor of #PAX this weekend, let's have a videogame #sundaysurvey!”

“Well that's it! Banshee is our #sundaysurvey winner!”

“Banshee is running away with this week's #sundaysurvey, decimating Kyle Raynor as our top Irish superhero!”

“Don't forget to cast your vote on twitter or facebook for the #sundaysurvey: Banshee or Kyle Rayner GL: Who's the better irish hero?”

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