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“THAT'S IT! Dick Grayson is the twitter champion of the Robin #sundaysurvey! Check our facebook page to see who's the champion there!”

“Who's going to help Dick Grayson take home the twitter gold in this week's #sundaysurvey? And is ANYONE going to vote for Stephanie Brown?”

“#FF @BRIANMBENDIS Why? He's the man. Also, he writes kick ass comics. Also? He's fun on twitter. You can't go wrong. DO IT. #doit”

“Regardless of whether you voted on twitter or Face book, there's no doubt that Link was our #sundaysurvey winner today!”

“Don't forget to cast your vote on twitter or facebook for the #sundaysurvey: Banshee or Kyle Rayner GL: Who's the better irish hero?”

“You need to follow @SteveSeeleyArt & show him how to use twitter to berate people! Especially if you're an old chick from NH”

“Let the taunting begin - RT @MichaelMoreci: @JetpackComics Ralph! Ralph! @steveseeleyart is on twitter. We won--tear down that wall!”

“#FF @JHickman for his awesome Avengers books this week! Even though he refuses to talk to comic shops on twitter. We still love him.”

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