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“Grayson is still in the lead in our #sundaysurvey! 2 votes to victory!!!!”

“Dick Grayson is only 3 votes away from victory in the #sundaysurvey! He's also in the lead over on the facebook #sundaysurvey!”

“Sounds like our Sunday Survey yesterday was quite contested. More write-ins than votes for the three options! This one might need a part 2!”

“So far Link is 3 votes away from victory, Master Chief is 6 away, and Drake is 10 away from a #sundaysurvey victory!”

“#sundaysurvey so far: Link: 6 votes, Master Chief: 3 votes, Nathan Drake: 0”

“No love for Nathan Drake in these parts I guess. He's trailing Link's 4 votes and Master Chief's 3! #sundaysurvey”

“Don't forget to cast your vote on twitter or facebook for the #sundaysurvey: Banshee or Kyle Rayner GL: Who's the better irish hero?”

“Half hour to get those votes in! Which movie will rule the summer: Iron Man 3, Star Trek 2, or Man Of Steel? #sundaysurvey”

“Iron Man 3 is 3 votes away from winning, Man of Steel is 4, and Star Trek 2 is 6! WHO WILL WIN THIS WEEK'S #sundaysurvey?”

“Iron Man 3 has pulled ahead of Man Of Steel by one vote! #sundaysurvey”

“Iron Man 3: 5 votes, Star Trek 2: 3 votes, Man Of Steel: 6 votes! What movie will rule the summer is today's #sundaysurvey! vote now!”

“Iron Man 3 has surged into a tie with Man Of Steel with 5 votes each! Star Trek 2 is still stuck with one! #sundaysurvey”

“Both "keep Damian alive" and "keep Damian dead" have TWO VOTES left to win! #sundaysurvey”

“The #sundaysurvey is still a close game between Damian living or dying! Whats your vote: should he stay or should he go?”

“It's still anyone's game in the #sundaysurvey. Should Damian come back or stay dead? VOTE NOW!”

“So far we've got 2 "yes" votes and 1 "no" in our #sundaysurvey. Should @DCComics bring Damian back? Vote NOW!!!!”

“Wolverine is ONE VOTE away from winning this week's #sundaysurvey! Is someone going to seal the win, or will Cyclops get some more votes?”

“have you cast your vote in the #sundaysurvey yet? Cyclops or Wolverine, who are you going to follow?”

“Have you cast your vote in the Valentine's #sundaysurvey? Chocolate or Flowers? 1st to 10 wins!”

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