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“Alright folks, #sundaysurvey time! With the news of Carrie Kelly making her DC #new52 debut, who's the BEST Robin? 1st to 10 wins!”

“What will YOU be watching tonight: The finale of #WalkingDead, or the season 3 premiere of #GameOfThrones? 1st to 10 wins!”

“Who's the ultimate video game character: Nathan Drake, Master Chief, or Link? 1st to 10 wins! #sundaysurvey”

“Alright, #sundaysurvey time! Who's the better Irish hero? Banshee from the X-Men, or Green Lantern Kyle Rayner ? 1st to wins!”

“Iron Man 3 is 3 votes away from winning, Man of Steel is 4, and Star Trek 2 is 6! WHO WILL WIN THIS WEEK'S #sundaysurvey?”

“#sundaysurvey time! What's going to be the movie of the summer? Stark Trek 2, Man Of Steel, Or Iron Man 3? 1st to 10 wins!!!”

“BOOM! Looks like Ol' Damian is taking a trip to the Lazarus pit. Alive wins 9-8! Thanks for playing in this week's #sundaysurvey everybody !”

“Should @DCComics bring Damian Wayne back from the dead? First to ten wins! #sundaysurvey”

“Wolverine is ONE VOTE away from winning this week's #sundaysurvey! Is someone going to seal the win, or will Cyclops get some more votes?”

“First to ten wins! #sundaysurvey”

“Have you cast your vote in the Valentine's #sundaysurvey? Chocolate or Flowers? 1st to 10 wins!”

“Since this week is Valentine's Day, what's the better gift: flowers, or chocolates? First to 10 wins! #sundaysurvey”

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