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“RT @RajanNS: Strong ties in an organization develop if we reinforce a sense of identity, belonging and ownership on a platform of a collective purpose.”

“A4. 1. Strong sense of purpose
2. Clear values aligned to the mission

“A7. Don't see the brand as a medium. See it as the purpose. The fulcrum. The nucleus. EB will drive CB. #ihrchat”

“A4. The eBrand is owned and created by the organization purpose and leadership ethos. HR can be conscience-keeper/facilitator #Ihrchat”

“A5. 1. Control mindset
2. Engagement and dialog
3. Encouragement
4. Co-ownership ethic
5. Articulation of purpose

“A4. The next most important:
4. Analytics
5. Measures
6. Clarity of purpose
7. Stakeholder relationships
8. Assertiveness #TechHR14”

“RT @HarlinaSodhi: A2 - Ability to show purpose & provide meaning to employee's & for Org to live, breathe Values are sure shot ways to engage #HR #TechHR14”

“I was reflecting how YSC, my org, has given me such a powerful platform to fulfil my purpose. @tanvi_gautam @lyndagratton #Indiahrchat”

“A7. Share org objective with employees and ask them to devise roles that meet personal and org purpose. Co-create. #indiahrchat”

“A7. Purpose Alignment Conversations to replace Performance Management Conversations #indiahrchat”

“A6. Purpose and meaning change as we grow/evolve, re-articulate purpose periodically. #indiahrchat”

“When the leaders are in touch with their meaning and purpose, they will find ways to facilitate it for others. Leaders are org #indiahrchat”

“Their is a symbiosis here. Employers provide the platform for employees to achieve their aspirations. Mutual Purpose. #indiahrchat”

“A8. At the intersection of organizational and personal purpose, is energy, discretionary effort & accountability #nextchat”

“A8. Purpose. That is the key. Understand personal purpose of the employee. And find ways to connect it to organizational purpose. #Nextchat”

“Had a phenomenal coaching session. 4 hours. Started at 6.30 am. Feeling very fulfilled. #Purpose

The Secret of Effective Motivation: Purpose

The Secret of Effective Motivation: Purpose

RT @Josh_Bersin: People are "purpose-seeking missiles" - are you giving them direction? @linkedin #talent #leadership #HR

“A life lived consciously is a life lived purposefully and lived well. What's your purpose? What's your Life-Work? #Coaching”

“Once an organization has a strong and clear purpose it can make clear decisions about talent and leaders says @annimesh001 #CSODIndia”

“Reviews, appraisals and praisals must enable an employee to see his transactional day-to-day job contribute to the larger purpose #CSODIndia”

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