Girl Tweets by @KickAssIyer

“A tambrahm girl who likes her profits? A: EBITDA-gujalambal”

“Boss all these ‘Find a girl who…' tweets are useless to me now so just shove it.”

“Lol girl it seems RT @poeticgooner: One girl is all over the world and having adventures like in movies and discovery HD(yes both). JEALOUS.”

“One girl in this Neengalum vellalam oru kodi says that she wants to be a doctor to do social service. She wants to be a plastic surgeon...”

“One girl on FB is saying she had a baby girl and therefore is "top ON the world". Erm, does that mean she's trying again? #TMI”

“One girl posted photo of dead dog with caption "Aww". Why didn't world end, again?”

“Was thinking of how @localteaparty will intro himself to girls. "En peru *******. Enaku inooru perum iruku..."”

“One girl sent group photos I asked for and when I thanked her, replied "Your welcome". She's sent all the pics so might correct her.”

“Kills me to think that for some teenage girl somewhere, Alia Bhatt will be a role model and Facebook DP.”

“One girl is tripping on Deva in a place where mostly ARR and IR trippage happens. Well trlled”

“Every girl wants to be the girl my mom never warned me about. Actually my mom never warned me about any girl so you all win.”

“One girl in the office wanted to say "Let's convene in two hours" and instead said "Let's conceive in two hours". Office has died laughing”

“One girl wants to do CAGR on ranking.”

“Listening to girls plan a dance sequence and looking for places to jump from.”

“For the brother of a girl who owns a hotel in Chennai, it's Akka's metropolitan.”

“These cameramen can find good looking girls even among an all men convention I think.”

“Ayyo one girl is spamming whatsapp group also. Engayume nimmadhi illiya?”

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