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“So I went to this Auto Supplier's office and they were very nice but a little grammatically incorrect. Their board asked me to "Cummins".”

“Still discussing MBTI in my office. *sigh*”

“Whether this will ever happen in India? RT @ReutersWorld: Italy's Prime Minister Monti says he "can't wait" to leave office #breaking”

“Didn't play holi. Came home just now. And wife is angry I came so late from office. Been one exhausting day.”

“Every office has that one irritating floo who doesn't know how to play tt but joins every doubles match and spoils it for others.”

“If office didn't insist on work getting done, more work would get done.”

“One partner in firm visited office yesterday and spoke about his passion for South Indian contemporary art. It was enlightening”

“Forgot my lunchbox in office yesterday so didn't bring lunch today so eating hyderabadi biryani. #CloseEnough”

“RT @rameshsrivats: Mickey Arthur takes his Office seriously. A Word or two after the 1st test; PowerPoints after the 2nd. Still, they just can't seem to Excel.”

“Hey come on, all of you. @achu17 isn't a guy who clicks pr0n links. Seems he has TB worth of pr0n in his office latptop itself”

“What I said when they also banned a video sharing site in my office: Youtube, Brute?”

“Hehe @achu17 has been trolled heavily by some consultants in our office's internal twitter tool”

“Forgot pizza bash was happening in office today so brought food from home so now have to eat both oh the misery! :(”

“Have initiated an idea to fix a shower and change room in our small office "for the common good" i.e. so I can ride cycle to office daily”

“One girl in the office wanted to say "Let's convene in two hours" and instead said "Let's conceive in two hours". Office has died laughing”

“Woke up at 915 today and came to office by 10. Didn't even have breakfast. Going to be a long day”

“Vow of not eating junk in office was broken due to Real Mango juice and mixture”

“If I create uproar over bonuses, can I get office adjourned till next week? #LikeAMP”

“Not going to office today. Running temperature and all. Want to take one marathon siesta”

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