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“"Depressed because no one had anything to say, not even bad things, about me on the twitter confessions page" - No one”

“Oh wait what twitter god @tantanoo's b'day? Merry! We are all tantanoo today.”

“The twitter equivalent of ‘Vellaia irukaravan poi solla maatan' is ‘ooh! Comedian DP! Must be funny'”

“Met with an actual celeb today which is different because usually not even twitter celebs agree to meet me.”

“I started making fun of confession pages before I realized twitter is just one big confession page”

“RT @chronozshre: You either die a newbie on twitter or live long enough to see yourself become a spambot.”

“Abeyaar if, as per my bio, I charged 25 rubees for every retweet, then I would've made enough money to not waste time on twitter

“Dei looks like entire twitter gang from Chennai is in alliance Francaise. This and all too much.”

Twitter / KickAssIyer: Mom is making a variety of ...

Twitter / KickAssIyer: Mom is making a variety of ...

Mom is making a variety of bajjis while wife is making paneer pakoda. Later, twitter.

“On twitter, that is”

“Wait wtf? Twitter is asking me to "reconnect with " with a button to "say hi!". WHAT IS THIS, LINKEDIN?”

“Interval for the play. Totally loving it and have already met a galaxy of twitter celebs.”

“"Wow that makes sense. Let me invite all my friends to twitter naow" - No one ever”

“Nowadays newspapers are mentioning twitter celebrities more than other Twitter handles.”

“Wait suddenly thanks to @krtgrphr's RTs I came to know twitter unfollowed @atlasdanced for me :(”

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