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“Mom is sick and dad is out of city so wife and me doing the cooking. Suddenly sustenance takes precedence over grandeur.”

“How bittersweet! The wife is almost in tears that Sachin got out first ball. This is the first time she's watching him play.”

“Only people who asked me the 'how do you call it a blind date if you are going with wife' question are non-Chennaiites”

“Going for Blind Date today with the wife. Hope they don't screen Settai preview show. Seems they did that with G.I. Joe last week!”

“*sigh* It does clash with the Go mad festival in Ooty which I was planning to attend with the wife

Wife is making phulka and punjabi channa. I am making space in tummy to eat it. #GreatTeam”

“Didn't play holi. Came home just now. And wife is angry I came so late from office. Been one exhausting day.”

Wife is jelly at how much travelling parents in law are doing now that she is not around to bug them. #trolled”

“RT @rameshsrivats: Karunanidhi pulls out of the UPA, thereby greatly reducing the UPA's average age as well as the average wives per person. #DMK”

Twitter / KickAssIyer: Mom is making a variety of ...

Twitter / KickAssIyer: Mom is making a variety of ...

Mom is making a variety of bajjis while wife is making paneer pakoda. Later, twitter.

“Boss you can be pope but you don't get to eat karadayan nombu adai because you don't have a wife to make you one.”

“Oh god saw a pic of friend and his wife, seems couples DO start looking like each other. Oh wait, why am I bothered, only wife should be.”

“A good Sunday lunch trumps the entire shit you have to put up with the entire week. Especially when made by wife and mom.”

“Somehow, even in my sleep, I had to tell wife how we lost to a travesty. Somehow, it was very important.”

“RT @krtgrphr: LOL. Severe haun comments from Pujara. "I just got married and my wife was worried that I have to perform ... "”

“Yesterday wife took me to blademaxx kids play called An Arabian night despite my remonstrations. We left in half an hour.”

Wife toiled making the paratha and I came at the end and roasted it and now everyone at home thinks I'm an expert paratha maker.”

“Saw Priya Anand in Madras Market and told wife she's an actor. Wife proceeded to ask me how someone so short can be a heroine. :-\”

“Wow. Poondu vengayam vethakozhambu, lemon rasam, baby potatoes and varuval. Part made by wife and part made by mom.”

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