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“Crap, my TV in office is covered with photoshoot stuff and I have to clear it off to see BECKHAM on Fox Soccer!!!!!! #PSG #FTW!!!”

“Unless I'm mistaken the Norwich keeper just got royally and publicly RODGERED by the damn referee. @keikamara is playing #16 #foxsoccer

“Wigan vs Liverpool is on Fox Soccer now after all! Why do I listen to @timcolvin?? :-)”

“Bummed Wigan live is on Fox Soccer Plus apparently and not channel I have. But does give time for necessities like bathing, eating, gym!”

Fox Soccer broadcasters just gave a shoutout to @MLS for beginning their 18th year of soccer... so sweet! It was cute.”

“I really need to get back to not doing what I am supposed to be doing, but the tv hasn't been switched to Fox Soccer yet so I'm distracted!”

“Espinoza on the pitch for Wigan RIGHT NOW on Fox Soccer. And there goes my Saturday. :-))) #soccersaturday #sportingkc fans WAKE UP :D”

“#SKCnation Kei was on Fox Soccer doing leap frog jumps - his team plays today around time of SKC game. TV+Computer time :-)) #sportingkc”

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