Grammys Tweets by @KrisColvin

“Now THIS is the LL I know and love! You go boyyeeeee. #thuglife #Grammys :P”

“Lovely rendition of classic Elton. #grammys

“Ok. The computer theatrics are not worth having Carrie have to stand in one spot forever. Meh. #grammys

“Fun has won. :-) #grammys and surprisingly, the first to use the word "pee" in an acceptance speech. Guess they really are fun.”

“Katy Perry with the big FU to the no boobage memo. You go sister! Love a rebel when rules are silly. #Grammys And yes, I have issues. :P”

“oh that's what this is. Like a n'awlins swamp harem??? "@vojha: Jack White and his "harem." #PaleAssPimp #Grammys"”

“Rihanna is batting a thousand tonight. Gorgeous second outfit. #Grammys Digging the folksy Lumineers right now too.”

“Rihanna is lovely tonight. Her hair is perfection. #Grammys

“Jay-Z & Beyonce bebopping their little heads.... PRECIOUS. Worth enduring this silly song. #grammys

“OH CRAP. The girl is no longer on fire. I literally cannot hear this song ONE more time. #grammys I love Daylight however. :-)”

“Dayum. Target ad for 20/20 followed by a minute long Bud Platinum ad, all featuring JT who we just saw? Boy's got GAME. #grammys

“When Justin plays a part he goes ALL the way. One of the most masterful overall entertainers of modern times. #grammys #marketingschool”

“Now you know Justin never sets foot on stage without a marketing lesson... did you notice his FACE? Clean-shaven, not modern... #grammys

“How many of you saw Timberlake and Timbaland in person in Juju's last tour??? Raise hands (I did in Dallas!) #grammys

“I feel like I'm watching The Lawrence Welk show. What's scary is a chunk of you won't even get that. LOL!! #grammys

“Absolute perfection. We've reverted to the 50's or something and Juju is in black and white. SQUEEEEEE. And here's Timbaland! #grammys

“HEADS UP!!!! Justin Timberlake (and Timbaland???) :D Now. #Grammys

“Dear Heaven, PLEASE don't let Adam Levine sing "This Girl is On Fire" with Alicia Keys. I'm over it. Gracias, Kristi #grammys

“RT @smilenwaven: The camera guy that keeps checking out Katy's great boobs didnt get the memo either! #grammys

“So let me get this straight. One is not to show their chesticles or bum on the #grammys BUT should grope their testes for Valentines Day?”

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