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“Either A) This game is fixed and they are obviously trying to turn it against Norwich or B) I disagree an arm = handball. Balls bounce! Duh.”

“Unless I'm mistaken the Norwich keeper just got royally and publicly RODGERED by the damn referee. @keikamara is playing #16 #foxsoccer”

“Kick ass!!!!!! "@caniggiascores: @KrisColvin Kei Kamara is starting for Norwich today."”

“Europe certainly can't blame poor performance on their MLS steals if they're not going to start them. Stoke, Norwich, Wigan... think on it.”

“I have learned today (cough Norwich & Wigan) you can't just root for an underdog. You have to actually go out on the pitch & help. :/”

Norwich has freaking imploded. While I'm not one to armchair (or loveseat) coach, when you have no offense 2/3 of game CHANGE something!”

“Okay, we're at minute 65 and Norwich is frankly a) sucking and b) losing. Put Kei in or send him home!!”

Norwich's Kei Kamara inspires late smash-and-grab win over Everton

Norwich's Kei Kamara inspires late smash-and-grab win over Everton

RT @nicholasrosano: Glowing review of @keikamara's showing for Norwich City in @guardian_sport: #SportingKC #MLS #NCFC

“RT @TheFull90: With six minutes to go, Norwich were down 1-0. Win 2-1. Kamara picks up a goal and assist (probably).”

“RT @shinguardian: Somewhere @AlexiLalas just bought himself a massive slurpee: Kamara scores for Norwich, Shea earns a penalty for Stoke City. #MLSproud”

“RT @SoccerByIves: And Sporting KC's Kei Kamara has scored his first for Norwich City, heading home an equalizer vs. Everton. Kamara looking strong in EPL play”

“Pretty cheeky of both Norwich City AND Wigan to play at the same time, not on a channel I can see. Harumph. Makes my pitch bobbly!”

“They just showed Kei and are talking about him on @foxsoccer. He's trained with Norwich only 48 hours but on bench as sub cuz man injured”

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