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“Excited PSG has equalized!! 1-1 against a Messi-less Barca at minute 85. And sadly, a stretcher on the pitch. Hate that.”

“Talking about @tealbunb en route to eat before game. Can't wait to see you on the pitch again Teal! :D”

“Beckham has been listening to Suit & Tie too much. Tim just showed me a pic of him in tie, playing on the pitch at a HS game. Lol! Brilliant”

“I've got to pull my head out of Paris and onto the pitch. Why is it so hard to shift gears sometimes?? I guess I get on a creative roll.”

“PSG is on FS but Beckham is not even on the pitch. #ripoff!”

“He's bleeding on the pitch. That is not allowed. I don't think he's really hurt bad - nosebleed is just being a PITA. #CHIvNER”

KEI KAMARA's Twitter Photo

KEI KAMARA's Twitter Photo

This is surreal... They both need to be on the pitch fixing this game. Lol!! But a pic worth framing.

“I have learned today (cough Norwich & Wigan) you can't just root for an underdog. You have to actually go out on the pitch & help. :/”

Tim Cahill's Twitter Photo

Tim Cahill's Twitter Photo

#FootyBallers doin work OFF the pitch...

“Hey Montreal! You need a brush up.. FIRST rule of soccer: DON'T KNOCK DOWN SAPONG! As far as ur concerned he's not even on the pitch. Pftt.”

“Is the pitch bobbly or wobbly @FOXSoccer? :D and why has it been drinking? #lovebrits :-)))”

“Espinoza on the pitch for Wigan RIGHT NOW on Fox Soccer. And there goes my Saturday. :-))) #soccersaturday #sportingkc fans WAKE UP :D”

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