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“Europe certainly can't blame poor performance on their MLS steals if they're not going to start them. Stoke, Norwich, Wigan... think on it.”

“I have learned today (cough Norwich & Wigan) you can't just root for an underdog. You have to actually go out on the pitch & help. :/”

Wigan vs Liverpool is on Fox Soccer now after all! Why do I listen to @timcolvin?? :-)”

“I may have been wrong - confused. :-) "@MrTuktoyaktuk: @KrisColvin Wigan v Liverpool is on FSC!"”

“Bummed Wigan live is on Fox Soccer Plus apparently and not channel I have. But does give time for necessities like bathing, eating, gym!”

“Pretty cheeky of both Norwich City AND Wigan to play at the same time, not on a channel I can see. Harumph. Makes my pitch bobbly!”

Wigan responds to the 2nd Chelsea goal!! 2-1 quite swiftly, bobbly pitch and all! :-)))) Go Roger!”

“They didn't steal Espinoza from SKC to sit him on the bench. He was always intended to come in and change the game for Wigan.”

“Broadcasters @FOXSoccer def impressed with Wigan tho Chelsea leads 1-0. "Wigan has sure played some easy-on-the-eyes football..."”

“Espinoza with a foul? Pardon moi? :P #Wigan how unusual.”

“Espinoza on the pitch for Wigan RIGHT NOW on Fox Soccer. And there goes my Saturday. :-))) #soccersaturday #sportingkc fans WAKE UP :D”

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