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The G5 was a tank and weighed just as much: "Ten years in the shadow of the Power Mac G5" #apple #mac #tech

“We need better communications in crisis situations. No power 2 wks after #Sandy & we didn't know if water was safe to drink… #sandytownhall”

“BayPark Wastewater Treatment facility is still fragile running off power generators today.Wastewater was my gift from #Sandy. #sandytownhall”

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I had to replace my original iPhone 4 due to a faulty power button ➡ Apple sued over faulty power button on iPhone 4

“#Sandy Aftermath Day 185 Supplemental: Today we contracted an electrician who is starting work here on Friday. We lost power tonight though.”

“#Sandy Aftermath Day 183: 6 months ago at this time Superstorm Sandy knocked out the power for the 1st time. It started this long nightmare…”

“#Sandy Aftermath Day 181: The quick fix the electrician did yesterday held for a day, but this morning the power was (is?) going off and on.”

“#Sandy Aftermath Day 180: Thankfully an electrician was able to stop by 1st thing this morning. Power is mostly restored for the time being.”

“#Sandy Aftermath Day 179: The electrical problems that arose during demolition have manifested itself as a power loss to most of the house.”

Power has been restored. The outage was very local to my immediate area. It's still very windy here though. We could lose it again. #fb”

“Thanks to @GoalZeroSolar I have some light to weather out this storm tonight until power is restored. Learned my lesson after #Sandy”

“No power. Just like #Sandy having dinner in the dark. #fb”

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