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“RT @jaybaer: Something like 60% of my traffic is from Google, after 6 years of slaving away. Keep blogging and good things happen eventually! #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: .@chevd80 If you're a blogger, you don't need to write a book. But if you're an author, it's damn helpful to have a blog. #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: Mix evergreen and time-sensitive content. I'm at 5 million lifetime visits on my blog, and one post is 211,000 of them (from 2009) #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: For me, Medium is fast to publish on, has built-in distribution, and is mobile-friendly. #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: Regarding platform, if I was going to embrace something new in full-force, it would probably be Medium. #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: There are great Youtilities that are interactive FAQs like from McDonalds in Canada. #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: Youtility is all about being massively useful. A blog can be a great way to deliver on that. But, it doesn't have to be a blog. #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: I am really enjoying the new video blogging thing I'm doing. Invigorating. 3 minutes every day. At #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: MT @CollinKromke: There are thousands who only publish their content on LinkedIn. (and they are building a house on rented land) #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: .@studionashvegas My blog gets the most shares/tweets. Videos get most comments. Podcast gets the most people coming up to me. #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: In terms of finding topics, quick plug for the new Inbound Writer topic analysis software (beta). $$ but holy crap!. #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: I would rather give readers what they NEED (more so than what they WANT) @mackcollier although that means slower growth. #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: In fact, I am using a lot more now to create custom images for my blog, to improve social share pass-along. #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: Remember: your blog will never be great unless it's somebody's FAVORITE blog in the world. And that requires being specific. #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: So @mackcollier the best way to figure out WHAT type of content to give your blog's audience is to ASK them. #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: And the best Youtility (useful marketing) is often rooted in information. But per @mackcollier question....WHAT information? #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: .@MackCollier Let me frame it up by explaining that "youtility" is marketing so useful, that people would pay for it. #blogchat

“RT @jaybaer: Hello #blogchat friends. Great to be with you tonight!”

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