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Clara has the compliment sandwich down pat. "Mom, you're the greatest. But, your armpits look kind of gross. But I love you!"”

Clara has informed me that mismatched socks "are fashion." This is going to make my job SO much easier. #appliestoeveryone”

“I wasn't much of a birth live-tweeter, but I'm so happy to have this small record of those moments, and also so happy to have my Clara.”

Clara asked for a luau birthday party - and I still have a bag of Hawaiian party supplies left over from #BlogHer13 swag! Score.”

“I told Clara some things she's good at so she returned the favor. Turns out I'm good at starting the car, folding, and paying for stuff.”

Clara: "Mom, when is it going to be summer?"

And then I thought about it and almost started crying...”

“Accidentally printed @thepioneerwoman's entire blog post, rather than just the recipe. Clara now has 20 delicious-looking paper airplanes.”

Clara: "You smell good. Like a mom. I love moms." This kind of appreciation won't last forever, I fear.”

Clara got a Furby. This thing is freaky. She wanted to name it Elinor, but you have to choose a name from the list, so she picked Doo-Doo.”

Clara is terrified of bugs but will let roly-polies crawl all over her. Does she not realize THEY ARE BUGS?”

“RT @American_Girl: @MeaganFrancis we loved reading about your American Girl awakening, Meagan. And are so happy to see Clara loves her new #bittybaby!”

Clara just told me that I am the "obvious choice" to make her cinnamon toast.”

Clara "Can you stop saying 'why'? It's kind of annoying." Oh, honey. The list of ways I could burn you right now, if I wanted to be mean.”

Clara and me on the Silver Beach Carousel!

Clara and me on the Silver Beach Carousel!

Clara and me on the Silver Beach Carousel! @ Silver Beach Carousel

Clara says, "when I grow up, I want to be a mother. But I don't want any children."”

Clara, (3), earlier tonight as she was falling asleep: "when I'm a mom, I'm gonna stay up all night on MY Kindle, too."”

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