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“How did Kenneth from 30 Rock end up at #DowntonAbbey?”

“This episode of #DowntonAbbey is making Americans look sort of...doofy.”

“Is it me or does Lady Grantham's manner of speech get more ridiculous with each passing season? #DowntonAbbey

“RT @Smorgasboredom: My number one qualification for marrying you is that I am not dead. #DowntonAbbey

“I don't think this would actually ever happen. #DowntonAbbey

“Tom Branson: "that Edna is beneath least, she was last night!" Ba-DUM-dum! #DowntonAbbey

“I want Mary's wardrobe! The whole thing. #DowntonAbbey

“post- #DowntonAbbey thoughts. Would people have been so accepting of Thomas at that time and place? Nice idea, but really?”

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