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“Tuesday mantra: I will not let the fact that we are getting 5 inches of snow TOMORROW ruin my enjoyment of above-freezing temps TODAY.”

Surrender To The Snow Day

Surrender To The Snow Day

Surrender To The Snow Day. via @TheHappiestHome

“One way to deal with yet another day of frigid temps and blowing snow: looking at garden pictures on Pinterest.”

Snow day. Work trip, cancelled. Tomorrow, no basketball or swim. Looks like a perfect excuse to wear the same clothes for the next 48 hours.”

Sunday Morning Tea: Re-Entry

Sunday Morning Tea: Re-Entry

Trouble getting back to "real life" after winter break + snow days? Yeah, me too. | Sunday Morning Tea: Re-Entry

“Usually I get excited about snow days. The probability of a snow day tacked on to a two-week break? NOT SO EXCITED.”

Snow day today. I was all rainbows-and-snowflakes about it until 4 PM, when I had a meltdown bc everybody was SO LOUD.”

“I looked out the window today and thought I saw snow. I gasped. Then I realized it was only sleet and I actually felt relieved.”

“Cold, gray and promise of snow is not making the post-#Blissdom transition any easier.”

Why this mom loves snow days.

Why this mom loves snow days.

Yes. I'm THAT mom. I love snow days. @BabbleVoices

“Most days I wake up with the alarm groggy and tired. Comes a snow day, I'm up early and wide awake. Backward!”

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