Whatnottosaytorishtaaunty Tweets by @MissDiagnosis

“#WhatNotToSayToRishtaAunty Your son is a total 'Kabootar'.”

“#WhatNotToSayToRishtaAunty "there are things in my life I can't talk about"”

“RT @JibbyD: #WhatNotToSayToRishtaAunty Find me a feminist. I love feminists.”

“RT @JibbyD: 20 yrs from now. "How did you two meet dad?" .. "Well, son... It all started with #WhatNotToSayToRishtaAunty "”

“RT @iDinoAli: #WhatNotToSayToRishtaAunty Aunty , apki beti ka kya scene hai ....”

“RT @ItratAsad: #WhatNotToSayToRishtaAunty If you bring one more rishta, I'll cook the guy's eyes for the dinner.”

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