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“RT @so_hiphop: Big up to ALL participants and to @JonConnorMusic for the music an checking in with us! #thelistening appreciates artists such as yourself”

“"@JonConnorMusic: @hiphophopedlrs yo that's love 4real" thelistening chat line…the LOVE is real Bro!!!”

“Having @bunbtrillog coming in last on 'Lone Star?' #Classic move by @jonconnormusic #thelistening

“"@so_hiphop: "What you mean you a real n*gga/Like bullet wounds and your homies dying ain't real n*gga" #thelistening" <-- tweet steal LOL”

“"what do you mean you a real n*%&$?/like bullet wounds and your homies crying aint real n*%&$? #thelistening 'Burn Notice' @jonconnormusic

“RT @hiphophopedlrs: #thelistening is an opportunity for #hiphoped to listen to and digest music worth suggesting to their students”

“"that's why i'm still here, i'm in this B__, like I live here.." 'Never Left' @jonconnormusic #thelistening

“"Dubby' is the track that proves @jonconnormusic is Detroit's @kendricklamar - hungry, talented and what #hiphop needs #thelistening

“"why don't you tweet your favorite rapper,and tell em' to learn how to rap!" 'Dubby' via @jonconnormusic #thelistening

“" close to the edge i'm begging y'all to push me boy…" "Dubby' via @jonconnormusic #thelistening

“RT @LifeOfGQ: @hiphophopedlrs thanks for #thelistening homie”

“"@LifeOfGQ: @MisterDrake thank y'all...." thelistening Team to feature your work.”

Death Threats & Love Notes by GQ

Death Threats & Love Notes by GQ

You listened to us, now BUY #DeathThreatandLoveNotes on iTunes @LifeOfGQ @jamlarecords @9thWonderMusic #thelistening

“I think you may have realized why we call this weekly session #thelistening - @9thWonderMusic and @JamlaRecords have something special.”

“"way for them to get paid/mind sharper than a sick fade…" via @LifeOfGQ on featured on #DeathThreatandLoveNotes thelistening

“RT @hiphophopedlrs: 'World Turns' closes out this rock solid album from @LifeOfGQ. I hope our discussion let him know how much we appreciate it. #thelistening

“RT @DeeviouslyD: #thelistening Check the trend! Learn a little something about the #Jamla movement!”

“"@infinitewords14: can i say Rapsody really needs MORE SHINE? i'll offer her verse on 'I Know' as exhibit A. #thelistening" <<< #PreachSir”

“"possibly i'm the dichotomy of L-Boogie and Odyssey…" via @rapsodymusic on a track w/@LifeOfGQ 'I Know' #thelistening

“time for #thelistening Hall of FAME artist @rapsodymusic on the same track as @LifeOfGQ with @9thWonderMusic in the background.”

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