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“We're almost there. Vote tomorrow, Nov. 6, for the real recovery Americans deserve ”

“Tomorrow is Election Day. Help us deliver a brighter future for all Americans. Volunteer: ”

“This has become more than just a campaign; it's a national movement. Americans recognize we can do better. ”

“This election is about delivering real change to Americans who need it. ”

“While @BarackObama has refused to act, American workers have lost their jobs & China has become the world's top manufacturer.”

Americans have had enough of @BarackObama's stale rhetoric & canned excuses. We need real leadership #CantAfford4More”

Americans have had enough disappointment. With new leadership, we can look to a more prosperous & brighter future. ”

“Like many Americans, Greg Anthony has had enough excuses. America can't afford another four years like the last. ”

Twitter / MittRomney: Obamacare will raise taxes ...

Twitter / MittRomney: Obamacare will raise taxes ...

Obamacare will raise taxes on nearly 5 million middle class Americans by 2016 #CantAfford4More

“Too many Americans are struggling today. We can't afford another four years like the last. #CantAfford4More”

“We need leaders who understand that keeping the peace requires American strength in all of its dimensions ”

“.@BarackObama's war on coal is threatening the livelihood of American workers. We can't afford four more years ”

“In 2008, @BarackObama said building a coal-powered plant will bankrupt you, today American jobs are in danger ”

“.@BarackObama's policies toward China have cost American workers their jobs. We can't afford four more years ”

“Instead of creating a web of dependency, I will pursue policies that grow our economy and lift Americans out of poverty.”

“For nearly 4 years, @BarackObama has refused to crack down on China's cheating & American workers have paid the price.”

“At the 2008 #DNC, @BarackObama promised Americans a better future, but it's clear he hasn't lived up to his promises.”

“23 million Americans struggling for work? Take it from Bill Clinton – "give me a break" ”

“When @BarackObama told Americans they didn't build their businesses, it wasn't just rhetoric – his record & policies show he meant it.”

“Millions of Americans aren't better off in the @BarackObama economy. Is it an "incomplete" or a failing grade? #AreYouBetterOff”

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