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“.@BarackObama's 2nd term agenda will bring tax hikes, higher energy prices, & more debt that we can't afford ”

“From the debt rising even higher to Obamacare being here to stay, it's clear that we can't afford four more years ”

“.@BarackObama's policies have exploded the debt & another term will only bring more of the same.”

“.@BarackObama has laid out no new ideas for the future -- only more wasteful spending, crushing debt, & higher taxes. ”

“Your share in the national debt? Over $51,000 – an increase of over $16,000 under @BarackObama. #CantAfford4More”

“.@BarackObama's presided over record debt & the nation's first trillion-dollar deficits. #CantAfford4More”

“.@BarackObama has amassed more debt than any other president. A 2nd term would threaten to drive the debt to a record $20T. #CantAfford4More”

“.@BarackObama's trillions of dollars in debt could cost middle-class families $4k in higher taxes. ”

“.@BarackObama hasn't just failed to control our mounting debt – he's accelerated it at an unprecedented pace. ”

“Instead of creating jobs, @BarackObama is creating debt. We can't afford four more years of his borrowing & wasting. ”

“Candidate @BarackObama promised to not pass our bills on to the next generation, yet he's increased the debt by $5.4T”

“Your share in the national debt? Over $51,000 – an increase of over $16,000 under @BarackObama

“The national debt is over $16 trillion. It's time for a president who will lead us out of this spending inferno ”

“Instead of putting out our nation's prairie fire of debt, @BarackObama is feeding it ”

“With more spending and more debt, @BarackObama is failing American families ”

“It is not only bad economics to saddle future generations with a mountain of debt, it is immoral #WeCanChangeIt ”

“Higher unemployment, declining incomes, and crushing debt is not a new normal. America needs a comeback ”

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