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“We can't afford four more years like the last. Vote today to ensure that the future will be better than the past ”

“A brighter future is out there waiting for us. Let's choose it today. ”

“Tomorrow is Election Day. Help us deliver a brighter future for all Americans. Volunteer: ”

“This election is about so much more than just numbers. It's about lives, careers, and futures. ”

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

This Tuesday is a moment to look into the future and imagine what we can do

“I've had a chance to see the best of America, and it gives me hope and confidence about the future. ”

“.@BarackObama's defense cuts are making our future less certain and less secure. We can't afford four more years. ”

“The American people deserve better than Barack Obama's empty vision for the future. ”

“.@BarackObama has laid out no new ideas for the future -- only more wasteful spending, crushing debt, & higher taxes. ”

“This is an election about who can get the middle class a bright & prosperous future. ”

“.@BarackObama & @JoeBiden don't have a record to run on, or a plan for the future. Help us deliver a real recovery ”

“Americans have had enough disappointment. With new leadership, we can look to a more prosperous & brighter future. ”

“At the 2008 #DNC, @BarackObama promised Americans a better future, but it's clear he hasn't lived up to his promises.”

“Great week at #GOP2012. It's time to put the disappointment of the last 4 years behind us & look to a brighter future

“Last week, America saw that we deserve better, can do better, & for the future of our nation, must do better ”

“Together, we will bring back the strength that provides a bright future for us & for our children #BelieveInAmerica”

“It is not only bad economics to saddle future generations with a mountain of debt, it is immoral #WeCanChangeIt ”

“On the deck of the USS Wisconsin with @PaulRyanVP. Excited to share our vision of a brighter future #RomneyRyan2012”

“My plan for a stronger middle class will get America back to work and ensure a better future for all Americans ”

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