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2013 Address to CPAC

2013 Address to CPAC

Our nation is still full of aspirations and hungry for new solutions. We're a nation of invention and of optimism

“I won't just represent one party, I'll represent one nation. I'll try to show the best of America, at a time when only our best will do.”

“I want to support and help this great nation. Together, we'll maintain America as the hope of the earth. ”

“Mr. President, America has not dictated to other nations. America has freed other nations from dictators.”

“I have championed small business throughout my career & understand the value of our nation's job creators. ”

“Instead of putting out our nation's prairie fire of debt, @BarackObama is feeding it ”

“.@BarackObama's rhetoric and policies demonstrate just how out of touch he is with our nation's small-business owners ”

“.@BarackObama's policies are hurting our nation's small businesses – and a 2nd term won't be any different. ”

“Last week, America saw that we deserve better, can do better, & for the future of our nation, must do better ”

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