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“.@BarackObama can't run on his record & won't lay out a second-term agenda. The choice is clear. #CantAfford4More”

“.@BarackObama's presided over record debt & the nation's first trillion-dollar deficits. #CantAfford4More”

“.@BarackObama has amassed more debt than any other president. A 2nd term would threaten to drive the debt to a record $20T. #CantAfford4More”

“.@BarackObama & @JoeBiden don't have a record to run on, or a plan for the future. Help us deliver a real recovery ”

“.@BarackObama has campaigned for years on his commitment to the military, but his record doesn't match the rhetoric. ”

“.@BarackObama can't defend his record & has no new ideas to run on. It's time to get America working again. ”

“When @BarackObama told Americans they didn't build their businesses, it wasn't just rhetoric – his record & policies show he meant it.”

“When it comes to America's competitiveness, @BarackObama's record isn't "incomplete" – he's failed. ”

“When it comes to job creation, @BarackObama is 0-23 million. If your coach has that kind of record, you get a new coach ”

“.@BarackObama can't run on his record. America deserves better than a president who will do anything to stay in power ”

“What about the middle class? VIDEO: The Obama record: political payoffs and middle class layoffs ”

“Massachusetts record: Unemployment down to 4.7%, balanced budget without raising taxes, bringing parties together ”

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