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“#ImTiredOfHearing People disrespect others religious beliefs. People having beliefs, wheather u agree with them or not, is a GOOD THING!!!<3”

“#ImTiredOfHearing " I can't" before you even try. If you cant, fine, but at least try and you'll know. Maybe,,,,,You Can!<3”

“#ImTiredOfHearing People spending more time flapping jaws, laying blame, than coming together address work on our worlds problems.!!!”

“#ImTiredOfHearing "We" deserve to receive special treatment for our ancestors misstreatment. Ur not them, u didnt go thru it, Move on!”

“#ImTiredOfHearing " I'm Sorry" if u dont really mean it, and "it wont happen again" when it always does...Less words, more action please:)”

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